Fret-King Black Label Super-Hybrid

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Fret-King Black Label Super-Hybrid

Single-coil, humbucker and acoustic tone all in one stylish package

By Alex Baker


Looking for one guitar that does it all? You might have found it in the Fret-King Black Label Super-Hybrid. This impeccably-finished solid body electric/acoustic hybrid sports two split coil humbuckers, a single-coil center pickup and a piezo loaded “Acoustibridge,” giving it arguably, a wider range of tone than just about any other guitar on the market.


The humbuckers enable a full on screaming rock tone that’s ideal for face-melting solos and other forms of shredding. The single-coil is perfect for grinding out chunky rhythm chords and the piezo allows for delicate acoustic picking and strumming. It’s all controlled with a pickup switch and a push-push volume knob that might take you a little while to acclimate to. The piezo also has a three-band active EQ that gives you even more tonal versatility.


The 24-fret neck is made from Canadian hard maple and is topped by a Fret-King batwing-style headstock, while the two-piece alder wood body resembles a classic Fender Stratocaster with a few modern touches added. Playable, versatile and nice to look at, the Fret-King Black Label Super-Hybrid may not exactly be the greatest guitar ever known to man. But the fact that it essentially aspires to being three guitars in one and does a reasonable job of pulling off is pretty impressive.


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