Flashback: KISS “Black Diamond” in 1975

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Flashback: KISS “Black Diamond” in 1975

The original lineup in their prime rewrite the book of rock in 1975 appearance on The Midnight Special


You’ve got to hand it to Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley for managing to maintain KISS as one of rock and roll’s longest running and most endearing circuses.


We’ve seen that the band still packs a mighty punch with their current lineup and expensive array of stage effects.


But when you take a look at this clip of the band on their Hotter Than Hell tour, doing “Black Diamond” on The Midnight Special in 1975, you’re reminded of just what a pure flight of rock and roll fantasy KISS really were when they first burst onto the scene.


With the bare-chested and very pre-waxing bravado of Paul Stanley out front, Gene Simmons in his otherworldly demonic grandeur, and Ace Frehley who looks like the skinniest rock and roller of all time but brandishes a Les Paul like a god; these guys are so good, so fantastically captivating, that it takes a minute before you realize that it’s the drummer Peter Criss who’s singing the lead vocal.


In one of the clip’s greatest moments, Ace and Gene rock out face-to-face, bro style, as Frehley disintegrates into one of the two blistering, Les Paul fret-shredding solos he tears through during the course of the clip.


Finally, the smoke-filled, instrument-thrashing, power chord driven ending reveals an affinity for The Who that’s seldom displayed in the band’s recorded material.


Check it out!


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