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Holiday Gift Tip: Flanger Pick Cutter FP-01 – DIY Guitar Picks

Make plectrums from anything plastic with Flanger’s new upgraded Pick Cutter FP-01


Everyone knows guitar picks vanish. We don’t know where they go, we just know they’re gone. The traditional solution has been to go buy more of them. But now, you don’t have to thanks to Flanger’s new upgraded Pick Cutter FP-01.


Roughly the size of a standard hole punch, the FP-01 allows you to cut picks out of old credit cards, used gift cards, container lids, or any piece of thin plastic.


Standard color options for the unit include Black, Gold or Silver and it comes with a piece of sample PVC card to cut your first picks from.


The Flanger Pick Cutter FP-01 retails online for about $20 U.S. and would make the perfect stocking stuffer for any guitarist.


Check out for more info on the FP-01 and other cool guitar gear made by the people at Flanger.

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