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Fender Introduces Guitar-Themed Wine

Fender introduces its own line of guitar-themed wine


Fender Guitars has partnered with the Armida Winery to launch its own line of guitar-themed wines.


Fender’s selection of vino includes a Strat-themed Cabernet Sauvignon, a Thinline Telecaster Pinot Noir, and a Jazzmaster Chardonnay. There’s also a more high-end Telecaster Zinfandel that goes for $500 a bottle.


This isn’t the first time Fender has extended its brand into the lifestyle arena. Previously the iconic California guitar-maker had launched its own line of automobile sound systems with Fender Premium Audio.


We all know that rock and roll and booze is a combination that goes all-too-well together. Although we’ve always associated electric guitars more with Bud long-necks or Jack Daniels. But hey, you can’t blame the good people at Fender for trying to culture our tastes a little.









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