Doom And Gloom’, The Rolling Stones’ First Song In Seven Years

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Doom And Gloom’, The Rolling Stones’ First Song In Seven Years

Written by Alyson Camus Saturday, rocknyc – 13 October 2012


The first new Rolling Stones song in seven years was posted in YouTube after premiering on Radio 2 in the UK on Thursday, and you know what? It is as if the Stones had never stopped making music. The song is pure rock’ n’ roll, definitely old school Stones, with Mick Jagger’s muddy and dragging howl and roaring badass guitars and the whole thing is just asking to be blasted through your soundsystem.

The sound of ‘Doom and Gloom’ is effectively gloomy and dark although not that different from what I remember from the most glorious Stones period. Probably, a lot of people are gonna dismiss it because of its obvious Jumpin’-Jack-Flash-1970-Stones-cliche – and there is no doubt it is – but how many 70-year-old guys can still sound that young? It’s back to basic Rolling Stones and we are in 2012.

I guess there are several ways to survive: retire, change your style, or continue doing what you are doing the best! But the two first options are obviously not in the close future for these bad boys of rock music. The song will make you move, no doubt about this, despite the pessimism of the lyrics ‘All I hear is doom and gloom/All is darkness in my room’, and there is even an allusion to war with ‘Lost all that treasure in an overseas war/ just goes to show you don’t get what you paid for’, without getting too politically engaged as the next line is ‘put my feet up on the couch and lock all the doors’,.. oh yeah there is also question of shouting zombies in a Lousiana swamp, and honestly I am not sure we have to make sense of this.

I don’t know if the Rolling Stones are gonna save rock’ n’ roll in this electronica-hip-hop-synth-pop era but they are here to stay. Oh yeah, one last thing, I cringed a little at Jagger singing the line ‘Baby won’t you dance with me?’ when I looked at his current face, but what do you want, rock music is definitely the best anti-aging remedy that has ever existed.


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