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Deep Purple TonePrints by TC Electronic

TC Electronic teams up with Steve Morse and Roger Glover to produce custom reverb and delay TonePrints


TC Electronic has introduced a new line of TonePrints produced in collaboration with Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse and bassist Roger Glover.


The TonePrints are compatible with existing TC Electronic hardware units and can be downloaded for free at or accessed through the TonePrints ap for iOS or Android.


Of the five tone prints in the Deep Purple, three were designed by Morse and two by Glover.


The Steve Morse TonePrints


The Morse tones; Steve Morse Delay, Beautiful Reverb, and Spring have been hits with fans. The Delay can be used with Flashback Delay and Flashback X4 Delay pedals.


From TC Electronic:

Steve has a unique and very cool way of using his delay. He basically uses two stacks, one for his dry sounds and one for his delay sounds, and he sets the mix between them using a volume pedal on the delay stack. It’s that mix we captured with this TonePrint. All knobs can be set at 12 o’clock for Steve’s standard delay sound. With the Delay Time knob all the way down, the delay is so short it actually functions as a chorus too, which is exactly how Steve uses his second Flashback Delay pedal.


“Next, Steve provided TonePrints for Hall Of Fame Reverb. One is simply called Beautiful Reverb, which works particularly well for big clean sounds, with a full and lush tone.


“The final TonePrint is called Spring. The springy character of a really good spring reverb is unmistakable in this TonePrint and useful in countless rock and pop genres. Steve’s twist on this TonePrint makes it suitable for lead and crunch sounds in particular.”



The Roger Glover TonePrints


Roger Glover’s contributions to the collection are the Spare Room and Fun at Home. Spare Room is a reverb soaked jazzy sound, inspired by Jaco Pastorius, while Fun at Home was designed as a richer, hall-filling reverb sound.


From TC Electronic:


Very much inspired by Jaco’s reverb drenched solo sound, Roger went for an almost chorussy reverb sound – a sound he liked so much he started using it live that night. Characterized by a nice round ‘quack’ and an easy attack, this reverb accompanies your playing in sweet excellence, without overstatement.


This nice hall reverb is not too bright, but adds some nice swellings behind what you are doing, giving a very rich tone. It really adds to your tone if you’re playing at home or in a studio and really recreates playing in a large hall in a live setting – at home!


For more information, visit TC Electronic.

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