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Couple Arrested After Argument Over Whether Slash is Better than Eddie Van Halen

Cleveland couple arrested after motel argument over whether Slash is a better guitarist than Eddie Van Halen


By Alex Baker


At Guitar Shop TV, we’re passionate about guitars, guitarists, and music in general. But a couple in Cleveland, Ohio may just have taken things to a whole other level.


According to a report on, an unnamed couple were staying at a Motel 6 in Brook Park, a Cleveland suburb, when a passionate discussion about rock music boiled over to an argument that led to the cops being called and arrests being made.


The subject of the argument? Whether Slash or Eddie Van Halen was the better guitarist. According to the report, the man felt Slash was the better musician, while the woman came down on the side of the former Mr. Bertinelli.


Apparently after motel staff called the police, officers were initially able to calm the couple down. However when it was learned that both had outstanding warrants, they were taken into custody.

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