“No Future Thursdays” at the Down And Out in Downtown LA


The Down And Out bar opened nearly three years ago on the ground floor of the Alexandria Hotel at 5th and Spring in downtown LA. Like many new bars, the Down And Out grasped around for an identity of its own for a year or two. However after making live music a regular fixture several nights a week, the “DnO” has emerged as one of the hottest venues in downtown for seeing great guitar rock bands.


Much of the credit for the Down And Out’s emergence as a live rock venue can be given to promoters Frank Valderrama and Jimmy James whose “No Future Thursdays” put the fledgling hipster dive bar on the map as a place to catch great local rock bands.


James, a mainstay on the LA rock scene for years, currently plays in the Hangmen and Barrio Tiger (pictured above). Valderrama is a promoter with a history of putting on cool rock and roll DJ parties at different venues downtown.


“No Future Thursdays” allows the pair to showcases many of LA’s best emerging and established rock bands. Former GSTV spotlight band Barrio Tiger is a regular fixture along with bands like Peachfuzz, the Hitchhikers, and Black Beverly Hills.


Admission for “No Future Thursdays” and for most nights at the Down And Out is free, the drinks are on the cheap side and the downtown parking is easier on Thursdays then it is on the weekend. So what more encouragement could you need? Go check it out!

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