Converse: Chuck Taylor All Stars and New Community Studio in Brooklyn, NY

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Converse: Chuck Taylor All Stars and New Community Studio in Brooklyn, NY

So if your guitar’s like your broken-in leather jacket and your amp’s like a nice pair of ripped jeans, I guess your pedalboard would be like a fresh pair of Chuck Taylors?


Okay, maybe that’s stretching it like spandex 1980s style, but there’s no denying rock ‘n’ roll isn’t just an art form, it’s a lifestyle. Rock ‘n’ roll is a fashion as well as a style of music and it’s all about cool comfort.


It’s the simple things in Rock ‘n’ Roll that really stand out—an E-chugging riff, a couple power chords and a sweet pair of black Chucks. That’s right, Converse Chuck Taylors are worn by just about every rock musician and fan, unless you have freakish marmot-like feet like Lemmy or something.


Just go check out the Warped Tour—literally every single person there is either in a pair of Converse Chucks or has a pair at home. Rock ‘n’ roll shoes are more than classic, they’re just plain rad, and now better than ever: Here’s a couple new developments in the Converse world that make today’s Chuck Taylors cooler than Chuck Taylor’s Chuck Taylors.


Converse Design Your Own

Converse has decided to parallel the rock guitar world in yet another way by creating a custom shop! It’s now possible to create your own pair of Chucks the way you always dreamed you could. Just chose a pair of Chucks, or any other Converse style for that matter, and select the colors of the soles, outer canvas, racing stripe, tongue and inside canvas. You can even pick the color of the stitch!


Converse Rubber Tracks

By the way, forget about the shoes for a second—Converse has opened what they’re calling a community-based recording studio in Brooklyn, NY. Uh, yeah—a public studio of sorts for underground bands to record their tracks with real production value so they can get their rock on without the help of the big five major labels. So in addition to iconic rock wear, Converse is taking on the role of the Robin Hood of rock ‘n’ roll. Yeah, we thought it was pretty awesome too.


Check out this video the people at Converse put together for more info…

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