Shop Spotlight: The Guitar Center, Hollywood: Vox Starstream XII

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Shop Spotlight: The Guitar Center, Hollywood: Vox Starstream XII

Guitar Shop TV met recently with our friends at The Guitar Center’s Vintage Room in Hollywood, CA to check out some classic guitars from the Sixties

We were particularly impressed with the V270 Vox Starstream XII, one of Vox’s late sixties hollow-body electric models that features an array of built in battery-powered electronic effects. It was modeled on the thinline semi acoustic models, but without the set neck (it was a bolt-on), and central maple block (it was completely hollow). This made it more akin to guitars such as the Fender Coronado or Hagstom Viking, but with its own unique features – teardrop body headstock, and built in effects. The Starstream has the classic VOX hollow teardrop body (same as Wyman bass …) with top, back and side.

The Starstream XII body is different from all the other VOX teardrop hollow bodies : it has a back, but the sides and top seems to be a one piece.The standard red sunburst finish on the Starstream was reminiscent of the Fireglo finish on a Rickenbacker guitar.
The V270 Starstream was available in both 6 and 12 string models. The Starstream XII XII was described as follows in the 1968 US Vox catalog:

“An exciting 12 string electronic acoustic guitar in the famous Vox teardrop shape. Has built-in E tuner, distortion booster, treble and bass booster, Wah-Wah, and repeat percussion. Has the new easy-to-fret fast-neck with Vox double T-bar and adjustable steel rod. Has two exclusive VOX Ferro-Sonic pickups. Adjustable bridge, chrome plated machine heads. Cherry or Sandburst.”

A hardshell case was included with both Starstream models.

The built in effects are rather interesting, consisting of an E-tuner (plays a quiet E note), treble/bass boost, distortion (mild overdrive to full blown 60s fuzz), repeater, and palm-operated wah wah pedal. They are powered by a 9V battery accessible through a circular cover under the pad at the rear of the body. Groovy!

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