Chill Pill Audio Mobile Speakers

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Chill Pill Audio Mobile Speakers

Rock ‘n’ Roll is an act that’s meant to be taken on the road—when you’re travelling a lot and spending your time in airplanes and hotels, it’s nice to have a way to kick out the jams without the annoying ear buds in the whole time you’re in your room.


The phrase “mobile speakers” is a somewhat paradoxical term for guys that are picky about how their music sounds. Ask most guitar players and they’ll tell you that a decent pair of speakers that makes the grade for hearing music the way it was meant to be heard isn’t going to fit inside your suitcase nicely.


But the times, they are a changin’…enter Chill Pill audio.


Chill Pill makes super inexpensive mobile speakers that are portable enough to fit in your laptop bag or even your pocket—and the expandable design pumps out some pretty amazing sound for the money and size.


Chill Pill mobile speakers come in sets of two—stuck together, kind of in the shape of a Tylenol capsule—that only takes up 2×4 inches of space! But pop the pill apart and expand the tops and you’ve got some killer bass, mids and highs that will drop your jaw for the price and size.


Chill Pill mobile speakers solve the age old problem of having to listen to music through headphones all the time while traveling, and being stuck listening to music or movie audio through sub-par laptop speakers—even decent laptop speakers pale in comparison to the audio quality and volume you get from Chill Pill mobile speakers.


The self-powered speakers bump by way of an onboard battery that charges handily through your computer’s USP port or iPhone charger. Forget about plugging into clunky portable stereo speakers when you’re on the road or working on your laptop—a set of Chill Pill mobile speakers fills a room—and if you’ve got a pair along with an iPod or smart phone, it means you’ve got yourself a fully functional mid-FI bumping stereo system that fits in your pocket.


Chill Pill mobile speakers come in a variety of cool matte finishes and colors, list for $49 MSRP, but most retailers offer them for about 35-40 bucks. For the price and size, you’ll be seriously shocked at how great they sound. Check out the video below:

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