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Chicago Venues: The Hideout

What can you say about “Chicago’s Most Loved Small Venue” The Hideout? Plenty. It’s a true shanty, and a true Chicago legend. It’s over 100 years old, sports the same name since prohibition ended and, probably, exactly the same look. There’s no sign out front, and nothing to suggest it’s a prime music venue, and it’s not necessary. It’s located in the middle of nowheresville, adjacent to an industrial truck park that is also host to The Hideout block party. It’s easy to get lost. But this place is definitely cool, and definitely worth the trip.


Jeff Tweedy tries out new material here, it’s where Billy Corgan formed Zwan, an unknown Neko Case bartended here and Jack White once puked in the alley because of the flu, before rocking out with Meg for a blistering White Stripes show. Acoustic blues and ragtime experts Devil in a Woodpile play every Tuesday. The crowd is, well, eclectic, but the music is awesome and a great venue to check out some of Chicago’s hottest bands.

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