Great Venues: The Green Mill – Chicago

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Great Venues: The Green Mill – Chicago

A legendary Chicago venue with a colorful history, The Green Mill Jazz Club has hosted the famous and infamous, from Frank Sinatra to Al Capone. As one fan described it: “It is such an institution…with an interior from a bygone era…the lighting is very art deco and those murals are just ridiculous… a HUGE wraparound bar, intimate tables up front, and plenty of booths, including the one used by Al Capone himself which faced the door, not the stage. He needed to see who was walking in the joint, but personally I would never turn my back on a bunch of jazz musicians.”


The club began life as a Pop Morse’s Roadhouse in 1907, and evolved from a favorite hangout for show business people to a speakeasy during Prohibition, and a popular jazz club in the 1940′s and 50′s. In more recent years it has been restored to its former opulent, sultry décor, and remains a true Mecca for serious jazz fans, offering top notch talent, amazing music, and great atmosphere. Of particular interest to jazz guitarists, The Green Mill hosts its annual Chicago Gypsy Jazz Festival in October, celebrating the music of the legendary Django Reinhardt. Check out the brief video with Guitar Shop TV’s Chicago correspondent Kate Anderson.