Chicago Players: Buddy Guy (with B.B. King) – I Can’t Quit You Baby

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Chicago Players: Buddy Guy (with B.B. King) – I Can’t Quit You Baby

Blues legends and old friends Buddy Guy and B.B. King play “I Can’t Quit You Baby” at King’s nightclub, with Guy singing and King throwing it down on “Lucille,” his black Gibson guitar. Lucille is based on the Gibson ES-355 but has certain modifications requested by King—most noticeably the Lucille script on the headstock, a maple neck, and the signature absence of F-holes at the top of the guitar, which King requested to reduce feedback.

“I Can’t Quit You Baby” is an enduring blues standard that was written by Willie Dixon and was a hit for Otis Rush, who recorded it in 1966 for Vanguard. In 1969 Led Zeppelin recorded their own charged-up version of the song for their multi-platinum debut album Led Zeppelin.

King, born in 1925 on a Missisippi plantation, started his career as an R&B DJ in Memphis in 1946. He was nicknamed “The Beale Street Blues Boy,” or B.B. for short. Guy was born in 1936 in Louisiana and moved to Chicago in 1957, where he met Muddy Waters, and became a pioneer of the Chicago electric blues. Together they make magic—Check it out!