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Budda Amplification’s Groovy New Line of Guitar Effects

Eastern inspired guitar effects pedals with classic rock tones


By Alex Baker


Budda Amplification has unveiled a new line of boutique effects pedals inspired by themes of Eastern spirituality. The line consists of the Samsara Delay, the Om Overdrive, the Karma Chorus, the Chakra Compressor, and the Zenman Overdrive/Boost. All the units are housed in durable heavy-duty steel casing and sport mystical Eastern artwork.


OM Overdrive

The Om Overdrive provides a cutting, classic overdriven guitar sound, ideal for launching into a solo with. The pedal’s tone ranges from classic rock O/D to a more fuzzed out tone. The gain is in your face but there’s also enough EQ to make sure your notes stand out. Tone and Level controls allow you to dial in your tone.


Samsara Delay

The Samsara Delay has everything you’d want in a modern delay pedal with retro tendencies. Offering from 20 to 600 ms of delay sound that ranges from classic slap-back to fully ambient, the Samsara is simple to operate and is ideal for reproducing vintage analog sounds.


Chakra Compressor

Designed to sound like the optical compressors that were commonly used in studios during the Sixties, the Chakra Compressor features standard compression controls like Gain, Level, and Attack. The Chakra produces compression that ranges from a subtle, warm glow to a tightly squeezed sound. Increasing the gain produces a fatter compressed sound.


Karma Chorus

The Karma Chorus delivers a vintage vibrato sound that resembles classic chorus tones from the Seventies. Controls for Speed, Vibrato, Depth, and Level enable a versatile range of sounds that fluctuate between straight vibrato and a more liquid, chorus sound.


Zenman Overdrive/Boost

The Zenman is a highly versatile distortion pedal that delivers a wide spectrum of tones ranging from smooth overdrive to extra crunchy. In addition to typical O/D controls like Gain, Level, and Tone, the Zenman Overdrive has a Boost feature with its own separate level control. This allows you to punch in at a greater volume for solos and other standalone passages. A phat/vintage switch provides for a more shapely retro tone.


Find out more at Budda Amplification.

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