British Rock Double Feature: Small Faces and Pretty Things Docs Screen in Hollywood Friday Night

“Like a rawer, dirtier version of the Rolling Stones,” at least that’s how those who were in the know back in mid ‘60s London described the Pretty Things.


Unfortunately for the Pretty Things, they weren’t really all that pretty. Not as pretty as Mick, Keith, Brian, and the boys at least. Nor were there songs quite as enduring as the likes of “Ruby Tuesday,” “Jumping Jack Flash,” or “19th Nervous Breakdown.” Thus it was that the Pretty Things have remained a largely London-based phenomenon to this day.



The Small Faces managed to fare somewhat better, inspiring the British mod scene and going on to spawn two of the best bands of the early ‘70s: Humble Pie, and the Faces. But like the Pretty Things, the Small Faces never made it across the Atlantic to take part in the British Invasion that introduced the Beatles, Stones, Who, Yardbirds, and Kinks to stateside audiences.



But this Friday night in Hollywood the spotlight will at last shine on the Pretties and the Small Faces. The Egyptian Theater will be screening a pair of previously unreleased documentaries about these two semi-obscure bands from British rock’s most celebrated era.


The films, which are entitled The Pretty Things: Midnight to Six 1965-1970, and The Small Faces: All or Nothing 1965-1968 are being shown as part of the American Cinematheque series.


Both films feature rare, full-length performances and new interviews with surviving members of each band. The Small Faces: All or Nothing also features archival interviews with late singer/guitarist Steve Marriott and departed bass player Ronnie Lane.


If you’re going to be in LA Friday night, and you’re a fan of the British invasion sound, you definitely won’t want to miss this chance to get a rare inside glimpse at the careers of these two dynamic, significant, and yet ultimately unsung bands.


Visit the American Cinematheque website for more information including tickets.

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