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Book Review – Americana: The Kinks, the Riff, the Road: The Story

Ray Davies relays the story of the Kinks in new tell-all book



In  Americana – The Kinks, The Road and The Perfect Riff  Ray Davies of The Kinks. opines on his frustrations and clear affection for the changing America he witnessed from the initial “British Invasion” days of the 1960s, through each decade up to and including the noughties.


Waxing lyrical (literally and figuratively), Davies is clearly a road-worn sofa that has creativity busting from its seams and to his credit, has carved out an impressive career in music, theater and now literature.


That said, he is also egocentric in the extreme – in that “I’m-suffering-for-my-art-why-won’t-the-world-listen-to-me” kind of way – which at a certain point in the book led me to yell “will someone shoot this guy !”. And lo and behold, they did – no, seriously, someone did shoot Ray Davies in a New Orleans street-mugging gone wrong.


Enter life, death and mortality into the poetic meanderings of Ray Davies – arguably Britain’s Bob Dylan or rock music‘s Byron. Roget’s Thesaurus has killed popular use of the word “nice” which is a perfect word to describe this book – it’s a nice read and highly recommended.


- Book Review by The Mad Dog Blogger

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