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BLUE Mics: From Studio to USB Microphones

BLUE Microphones was founded in 1995 with the goal of using advancements in digital technology to improve audio recording equipment.  Each microphone contains its own proprietary capsule designed to capture and focus on specific frequencies.  BLUE designs and manufactures a wide variety of studio microphones, as well as USB mics.


BLUE has two lines of studio microphones: Bottle mics and Application Specific mics. Bottle microphones feature interchangeable capsules so performers can get a wide variety of tones out of a single microphone.  They are all hand-assembled with a low-noise signal and minimal distortion in mind.  There are several Bottle mics to choose from, including condenser, solid state and ribbon microphones, giving a wide variety of choices to even the most discerning of recording enthusiasts.


There are nine Application Specific mics designed for particular instruments or recording environments.  They include the Spark, Dragonfly, and Mouse, which are well-suited for bass, kick drums and keyboards.  The Bluebird, Baby Bottle, and Kiwi are used primarily for guitars and horns, while the Blueberry, Woodpecker and Cactus are all ideal for vocals, among other uses.



BLUE also designs desktop USB mics for recording podcasts and sound effects. The Yeti, the first THX-certified USB microphone, features a triple capsule, allowing your choice of cardioid, omnidirectional, or bidirectional patterns.  The Snowball and Snowflake allow for chatting and portable field recording, while the Mikey is the first high definition microphone designed for use with the iPod.


Based out of Westlake Village, California, BLUE microphones are marked by their hand-wound transformers and proprietary capsules, which use specially designed mylar.  Their microphones can be found in studios worldwide, including Air Studios in London, which has housed recording artists such as Elton John, Rush, The Police, and The Rolling Stones.


Check out this cool video by Blue Microphone, featuring Esquire’s 2010 Home Recording Studio and some great artists:


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