Guitar Lifestyle: Jamz Guitar Straps

Want to look and sound great on stage? A cool-looking guitar strap can help make a big impression! Jamz straps are designed for guitarists who want to project style and personality with their tunes, rather than wearing a cheap mass-produced black nylon strap that makes you look like a nerd. Jamz straps are handmade in the USA. Each strap starts with a durable Read More

Guitar of the Month: The Sheryl Crow Gibson Hummingbird

The Gibson Hummingbird is one of the most iconic and recognized acoustic guitars in music history. First introduced in 1960, the Hummingbird was Gibson’s first square-shouldered dreadnought acoustic guitar, designed to compete with similar Martin acoustic guitars of the time.


The Hummingbird typically sports a spruce top with mahogany back and sides, as well as a distinctive decorative pick guard, though some vintage models in the early 1960s featured a maple back and sides, and as a result, certain modern special editions will reflect those… Read More

Von Zipper Sunglasses

Alright, time to determine if the Von Zipper sunglasses has a motto that’s rock  ‘n’ roll enough for us: “It’s a salute to the flag of radness…with a pledge of allegiance to bitchinness.”


You be the judge.



We’ll play it safe and imagine your vote was cast for rock ‘n’ roll. If it was, maybe you should salute those about to rock by grabbing a pair of Von Zipper sunglasses of your own.


According to Von Zipper, the… Read More

BLUE Mics: From Studio to USB Microphones

BLUE Microphones was founded in 1995 with the goal of using advancements in digital technology to improve audio recording equipment.  Each microphone contains its own proprietary capsule designed to capture and focus on specific frequencies.  BLUE designs and manufactures a wide variety of studio microphones, as well as USB mics.


BLUE has two lines of studio microphones: Bottle mics and Application Specific mics. Bottle microphones feature interchangeable capsules so performers can get a wide variety of… Read More

Doc Martens: 50 Years of History


Back in April 1960, in Munich, Germany, Dr. Klaus Maertens had a garage full of inventions, including a shoe sole made almost entirely of air. He took that idea to the Griggs family of Northhampton, England, which had a history of making quality work footwear, and together they created the 1460, eight-hole “Doc Marten” boot—a design classic. The postmen, factory workers and transport unions who… Read More

Guitar of the Month: 1966 Gibson Firebird V-12

An Extremely Rare Vintage Electric 12-String
1966 was a curious and bizarre year for the Gibson Guitar Corporation. Ted McCarty retired as the company’s president, the Les Paul as we know it disappeared from Gibson’s catalog, and the company introduced the first Firebird V-12—an electric guitar 12-string with the hip Firebird V body shape and appointments.


The V-12 guitar featured a solid body, dual humbuckers, individual volume and… Read More