Blaudzun: Holland’s Answer to Bon Iver?

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Blaudzun: Holland’s Answer to Bon Iver?

Exclusive performance and interview with the Netherlands acoustic rock/folk singer


By Alex Baker


Blaudzun is in fact Dutch singer-songwriter Johannes Sigmond, who after adopting the name of famed Danish Olympic cyclist Verner Blaudzun, began performing on the local music scene in Utrecht around 2007.


In the half decade or so since then,  Blaudzun has made something of a name for himself in the Netherlands; playing to packed houses at places like the Paradisio in Amsterdam and even garnering fans across the border in Belgium.


Blaudzun’s most recent album Heavy Flowers received good reviews, with the artist being praised for his voice and song melodies, as well as for his artful introduction of stringed instruments into rock and folk arrangements.


GSTV caught up with Blaudzun at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York last year. Check out this exlcusive interview and acoustic performance from this up-and-coming Dutch indie folk rocker.

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