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Blackstar LT Pedals: Innovative New Line of Stompboxes Hits Stores this Fall

Blackstar introduces compact new LT line of guitar pedals


Blackstar Amps has unveiled the new ‘LT’ range of compact guitar pedals at the 2013 Summer NAMM convention in Nashville, TN. The new line of valve-driven pedals includes LT Boost, LT Drive, LT Dist, LT Metal, and LT Dual. The small but mighty array of five distinct distortion and overdrive pedals is derived from Blackstars award-winning HT pedal line.


With their durable, metal construction, Blackstar’s LT pedals were designed to deliver versatile, valve-like tonality that can be easily incorporated into any existing pedal set-up. The affordable, compact pedals can be powered by a single 9V battery and feature high integrity buffered bypass and silent switching.


Here’s a breakdown for each of the five different LT pedals, taken from Blackstar’s official press release:


The following models are included in the LT range:


• Continuously variable boost
Bass and Treble ‘cut and boost’ controls for tonal refinement


Overdrive pedal with simple and versatile Gain, Level, Tone layout
• Sonically based on Blackstar’s HT-Drive tube pedal for a robust tone


• Simple and versatile distortion pedal with Gain, Level and Tone controls
• Patented ISF control
• Tonal refinement


• Extreme gain and tone
• Easy to use Gain, Level and Tone controls
• Patented ISF control


• Two Gain and Level-equipped distortion channels
• Shared Tone and patented ISF controls
• Clean boost to high gain drive in a single pedal
• Unique switching – turn a single-channel amp into a 3-channel monster

For more information on the Blackstar LT pedals official release this Fall, visit Blackstar Amplification online.

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