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Black Friday Special: Jack White’s Third Man Records Unveil the “Bumble Buzz”

Third Man Records brings you The Bumble Buzz



By Alex Baker


Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the guitarist in your life? Or just a little something to dirty up your own guitar sound? Well then Jack White and Third Man Records may have the pedal for you.


The singer/guitarist and his Nashville-based label have teamed up with Union Tube and Transistor to bring you the Bumble Buzz; a new custom fuzz and distortion pedal.


The pedal is a Black Friday special that’s available exclusively from the Third Man Records store in Nashville or online at


This being a Jack White/Third Man joint, they’ve of course dropped a cool YouTube clip to promote the pedal. The video features Jack and a few of his musical cohorts putting the Bumble Buzz through its paces while Brendan Benson holds down the beat on drums.


The Bumble Buzz comes in black but is also available in a limited edition yellow finish for Third Man Platinum members. It was modeled after a pedal that Union Tube made for White‘s cover of “I’m Shakin,’” which appeared on the former White Stripe’s 2012 solo release Blunderbuss.


The Bumble Buzz pedal comes in a wooden box with a custom bandana included in the package. Third Man has described the retro-cool looking, hand-crafted stompbox as a “buzz pedal” that comes “ready to crank out some stinging sounds.”


Judging by the video, the Bumble Buzz sounds like a good pedal for dirtying up your guitar sound to get the kind of garage rock/punk blues tone, made so popular by the likes of the White Stripes and the Black Keys.


Enhanced by ZemantaWith it cool retro look and punchy fuzz sound, the Bumble Buzz would likely be a welcome edition under the Xmas tree for any guitarist.