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Bigrock Power Pins – Take Your Acoustic Guitar Bridge to the Next Level

Bigrock unveils 21st Century replacement for the 16th Century bridge pin


Bigrock Engineering has developed and released a new system for stringing and tuning acoustic guitars.


The Bigrock Power Pins replacement bridge system is a modern update on what is essentially a 16th century technology. The Power Pins system makes stringing and tuning easier, while also offering better protection for the bridge assembly from wear and damage from contact with string and ball ends.


In addition to streamlining the process of stringing your guitar, Power Pins also mechanically couple bridge components; helping to improve volume, resonance, sustain and tone. The newly-developed patent pending components have a sleek, low profile look that complements the appearance of any guitar.


If you want to take your acoustic guitar from the Renaissance era into the Space Age, we’d recommend checking out Bigrock’s Power Pins. The system retails for just $59.95 and can be installed in minutes, without the need for any additional modifications.


For more information, check out Bigrock engineering.

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