Best of 2013: Commander-in-Chief in Zigeunerweisen Guitar Dual

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Best of 2013: Commander-in-Chief in Zigeunerweisen Guitar Dual

The Commander in Chief struts her stuff with classical guitarist Thomas Valeur in this viral video sensation


Although it was released only earlier this month, the video dual between classical guitarist Thomas Valeur and the 23-year-old Norwegian metal sensation known as The Commander in Chief, is already one of the viral guitar videos of the year.


In the clip, Valeur is seated and circled by the leather clad Commander who wields a lethal looking Ibanez Falchion 7-string prototype, which she indeed commands with formidable two-handed tapping technique and lightning fast classical arpeggio runs up and down the neck.


Equally impressive are Valeur’s classical chops, which are more or less, impeccable. Just as the Commander’s painted nails dance over the frets of her one-of-a-kind Ibanez 7-string, Valeur’s controlled nylon-stringed stylings are equally speed-blazing and dispatched with note perfect clarity.


The dual between those two emerging guitar heroes playing an artfully arranged version of Spanish composer Pablo de Sarasate’s difficult Zigeunerweisen Op. 20, has taken the Internet by storm and even made’s Top 10 Viral Guitar Videos of 2013.


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