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GSTV Featured Artist : Barrior Tiger – Artist Showcase

Barrio Tiger is a four-piece outfit from the eastside of LA that’s garnered a good local following through incendiary live shows and a garage rock sound that’s as fierce as their name implies. With veteran LA scene-maker Calixto Hernandez out front and lead guitarist Jimmy James, formerly of the Hangmen and the Masons, in support, Barrio Tiger have been a mainstay on the LA scene for a couple of years now; opening shows for the likes of the Upper Crust, the Fleshtones and the legendary Mike Watt. Recently the Tiger have also been landing headlining slots themselves. Calixto, Jimmy and the rest of BT, which consists of bassist Shane Gibbons and drummer Gregg Coddington, made an appearance in Austin during SXSW at the Breakfast with Barrio Tiger event sponsored by LA venue La Cita.


These guys rock and we highly recommend that you catch their next appearence. In the meantime, check out this blistering live performance and interview GSTV filmed when we caught Barrio Tiger last year at the Satellite in LA’s Silver Lake district. For more information, visit the band’s website:

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