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Chill Pill Audio Mobile Speakers

Rock ‘n’ Roll is an act that’s meant to be taken on the road—when you’re travelling a lot and spending your time in airplanes and hotels, it’s nice to have a way to kick out the jams without the annoying ear buds in the whole time you’re in your room.


The phrase “mobile speakers” is a somewhat paradoxical term for guys that are picky about how their music sounds. Ask most guitar players and they’ll tell you that… Read More

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Chicago Players: Howlin’ Wolf – Rare 1966 killer blues clip “How Many More Years?”

Chester Arthur Burnett was born in 1910, in Mississippi. Known as a ‘difficult child’ he earned the nickname “Howlin’ Wolf”. Five years later, his father bought him a guitar and he began playing for country functions. During the early 1930′s, he met seasoned blues entertainers including Sonny Boy Williamson II and Robert Johnson. Sonny Boy Williamson later became the Wolf’s brother-in-law and taught him to play the harmonica.


After serving in WWII, he began working as a disc jockey for a radio station in Memphis… Read More

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Stevie Ray Vaughan: “Testify” – A Killer Performance!

Testify! Could this song have had any other name? Here’s Stevie Ray Vaughan doing one of his best Hendrix impressions with Double Trouble on the Isley Brothers track that became one of his favorite live gems. Stevie picks, wails, and mind-melds with his axe until he has absolutely manipulated the sounds coming out. His playing had much more massive appeal than just to… Read More

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Great Performances: Stanley Jordan Live at The Iridium , NYC

Guitar Shop TV’s  New York correspondent Jill Nicolini introduces us to one of the city’s coolest clubs, The Iridium, featuring an impressive live performance by the legendary jazz guitarist, Stanley Jordan. Jordan is renowned for his distinctive two-handed tapping technique and amazing improvisations, and we capture some great moments from this jazz/fusion icon’s recent Iridium appearence.
The Iridium is one of the most beautiful nightclubs in New York and a step up visually from the typical… Read More

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Drive by Truckers – “The Righteous Path” Live From Austin City Limits

Drive-By Truckers feature a triple guitar attack, and its all on display here as Patterson Hood hammers out the rhythm to “The Righteous Path” in this clip from their Live From Austin, TX CD/DVD combo released last year. By the time we see Hood, Mike Cooley, and John Neff on the pedal steel exchanging licks at this Read More

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Gear Profile: Vox Amps

There’s a special breed of gear that evokes both great memories as well as great sounds, across generations. VOX amplifiers have been thrilling audiences for decades, and maintain a special place in popular musical history. Over the past fifty years, countless bands ranging from The Rolling Stones, Nickleback, and U2 to Keith Urban, All American Rejects, and Sugarland have… Read More

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