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Wilco Guitarist Nels Cline Talks Shop

Cline is of course lead guitarist of the Grammy-Award winning Chicago alternative rock band Wilco. Critics have called Cline “one of the best guitarists of any genre” and his distinctive “Avant Romantic” style incorporates exciting jazz, rock, country and experimental elements.


Cline has performed on over 150 albums and in 2007 was selected by Read More

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Nashville Players: Brad Paisley “She’s Everything”

Some guitarists just have it all. Brad Paisley, for one. The guy has figured out how to juggle his unabashed guitar geekiness with his enormous commercial success as a mainstream country star. Paisley moved to Nashville in 1993 with a full scholarship to attend Belmont University‘s music business program. Within a week of graduating college, he inked his first songwriting contract. Today, the prolific artist has almost released an album every year since his first in 1999.


Paisley rolled the dice big-time… Read More

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A Fond Look at The 1966 Gibson Catalogue

1966 was as special a year in American history as it was for Gibson guitars. It’s the birth year of a wide range of celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Rob Zombie and John Cusack, The Sound of Music won an Oscar for best picture and classic rock ‘n’ roll was really starting to evolve and take shape—Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde, the Rolling StonesAftermath and the Read More

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Phil Collen of Def Leppard – Fender G-DEC Amp

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen demonstrates the versatility of Fender‘s “Guitar Digital Entertainment Center” or G-DEC 3 amplifier. The amp provides Fender FUSE software interface, which connects the amp to a computer as easily as connecting your digital camera, without the need for any special adapters or hardware. It also provides a huge library of preset sounds and backingRead More

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Bose for the Guitar Player: Reinventing the PA System with the Bose L1 Family

If you’re even a remotely picky audiophile—and let’s face it, guitarists are absolutely as picky as they come—then chances are you own at least a few pieces of gear by Bose.


Whether it’s home theater systems, noise canceling headphones or a PA system for a singer/songwriter, Bose is a true champion of the discerning ear: they actually have a 70,000 square foot building in Framingham,Read More

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Converse: Chuck Taylor All Stars and New Community Studio in Brooklyn, NY

So if your guitar’s like your broken-in leather jacket and your amp’s like a nice pair of ripped jeans, I guess your pedalboard would be like a fresh pair of Chuck Taylors?


Okay, maybe that’s stretching it like spandex 1980s style, but there’s no denying rock ‘n’ roll isn’t just an art form, it’s a lifestyle. Rock ‘n’ roll is a fashion as well as a style of music and it’s all about cool comfort.


It’s the simple things in… Read More

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