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The One and Only Prince – Guitar (Unaired Performance)

This video starts off with Prince having a moment all guitarists can relate to – stopping and re-starting a song because one’s tone ain’t quite right. It’s fun to see and doesn’t stop him from launching into a super-tight version of “Guitar,” from his 2007 album Planet Earth.


Shot on a small stage, this is a more intimate look than we usually get at Prince in performance, down to clear views of his pedal board, which is set up in a… Read More

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LA Venues: The Viper Room

By now, is there anyone alive who doesn’t know Johnny Depp is one of the original partners in what’s become a fast part of L.A. rock ‘n’ roll history? Right in the very heart of lively Sunset Strip, the Viper Room is a good ole fashioned rock ‘n’ roll club with metal or hard rock acts taking the stage, and name rockers sitting… Read More

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Ray-Ban Aviators: Prepare For Rock & Roll Lift Off

Ray-Ban has been making shades since 1937 when they were birthed as a company to fashion make glasses for the US Army Air Corps. Ray-Ban was literally born to make aviators: the ultimate sunglass style that still holds its place as the single-coolest shaded look around.


The glasses were initially manufactured by request of a pilot named Lt. John MacCready, who embarked on a hot air balloon flight that ended up doing permanent damage to his eyesight… Read More

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Hard Rock Hotels Give Away Free Music

If Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett called their London, England spot the Soft Rock Café in 1971, the clientele probably would have ended up super lame.


Good thing they were smart and started classing up the joint with hard rock memorabilia that landed them enough vibe to spread to the States and other parts of the world like wildfire, otherwise an unruly trip to LasRead More

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Gear Profile: The Making Of Dan Donegan’s Guitar “Maya”

Dan Donegan of the modern heavy metal band Disturbed discusses the creation of his Washburn signature guitar “Maya.” Fascinating footage from inside the Washburn Custom and Production Shop in Chicago includes interviews with not only Donegan, but also the shop’s luthiers and artists.


Disturbed is one of the highest-grossing bands of the last ten years, having sold over 11 million albums since forming in Chicago in 1996. The band deliberately avoided guitar solos until its third album, Ten Thousand Fists, which showcased Donegan’s tapping, sweep… Read More

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Great Venues: The Green Mill – Chicago

A legendary Chicago venue with a colorful history, The Green Mill Jazz Club has hosted the famous and infamous, from Frank Sinatra to Al Capone. As one fan described it: “It is such an institution…with an interior from a bygone era…the lighting is very art deco and those murals are just ridiculous… a HUGE wraparound bar, intimate tables up front, and plenty of booths, including the one used by Al Capone himself which faced the door, not the stage. He needed to see who was… Read More

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