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Great Venues: Rockwood Music Hall – NYC

Rockwood Music Hall is a cozy, intimate venue known for great acoustic and semi-acoustic sets from some of New York’s best not-yet-discovered musical artists. Think Norah Jones and you’ll get the vibe. It’s hushed, with rough brick walls and melting candles on little tables adding to the ambiance. Speaking of Jones, you might run into her here, or actors Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Owner Ken Rockwood is a veteran indie music guy who carefully chooses artists who fit the club perfectly. You may not… Read More

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Derek Trucks: Smokin’ Solo on Government Mule’s “Rockin’ Horse” Recorded “Live At The Beacon Theatre”

“Live At The Beacon Theatre” in New York City has become an annual jam tradition for Gov’t Mule and they bring out the big guns, like The Allman Brothers‘ guitarist Derek Trucks. Here Trucks solos at length on “Rockin’ Horse.” Trucks starts out quiet with some gentle blues-y picking before reaching into his pocket… Read More

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Chicago Venues: Buddy Guy’s Legends


Nothing says blues like a dark smoky lounge. Buddy Guy’s Legends is just that: A no-frills, seedy blues joint located among the dorms and fast food restaurants of the South Loop. At this blues club (among Chicago’s best), it’s obvious that the most important thing is the music. How could it not be, with an owner like the legendary Buddy Guy, himself.


Plush furniture and expensive decor give way to a slew of cafeteria-style tables here, joined by chairs in the dining area and a… Read More

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Gear Profile: Specimen Products & The Chicago School of Guitar Making – Part 1

Specimen Products is a unique custom guitar and amp shop located on Chicago’s West Side. Specimen founder Ian Schneller shows Guitar Shop TV a guitar he calls “the Marmite ‘caster,” made of two-by-fours and masonite. The guitar has a “subcutaneous” P-90 pickup set underneath the pick guard with just the pole pieces sticking up. According to Schneller, this gives the neck pickup a much warmer sound than the traditional Tele neck pickup has. He also talks about why he took a blow torch to all the chrome on the guitar.


A… Read More

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Rock Fashion by Hedi Slimane

Need a perfectly tailored, impossibly slim, sharp suit? Checkout Hedi Slimane. The LA Times calls fashion designer HediSlimane “the man responsible for the way rock and roll lookstoday.” His signature stovepipe trousers and narrow jackets havebeen seen everywhere— on David Bowie, Beck, Elton John,Bryan Ferry, Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters, Thurston Mooreof Read More

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GSTV Featured Artist : Vintage Trouble – Artist Showcase


Vintage Trouble describes its sounds as “live-wired, straight-shootin, dirty-mouth’d, pelvis-pushing juke music.” Indeed. This band rocks. Truly. They are also extremely soulful, consistently delivering a very big sound and exciting stage performances. In the current Los Angeles musical milieu of over-hyped, indie bands with hipster haircuts and limited musical abilities, Vintage Trouble are truly a breath of fresh air. A charismatic and musically potent quartet, Vintage Trouble take the classic soul sound and breathe new life… Read More

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