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On Tracy Lane

On Tracy Lane, or OTL, are Guitar Shop TV’s Artist Showcase winners of the month! OTL was started in 2003 in LA by singer/songwriter Darryn Yates. With the addition of guitarist Jerry McFarland in 2005, rhythm guitarist Jeremy Johnson and drummer Sean Roche in 2010, and newest addition, James Reed on bass, OTL is bigger and better than ever!

After 1.5 million online plays, 200,000+ fans from all over the world, and countless tours across the country, OTL have proved that they are here… Read More

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Guitar Shop TV Episode 5: Steely Dan, Jon Herington

Episode Five of Guitar Shop TV is here, with an exclusive extended conversation with STEELY DAN lead guitarist Jon Herington, a look at some cool vintage amps, and a legendary Gibson acoustic.


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Von Zipper Sunglasses

Alright, time to determine if the Von Zipper sunglasses has a motto that’s rock  ‘n’ roll enough for us: “It’s a salute to the flag of radness…with a pledge of allegiance to bitchinness.”


You be the judge.



We’ll play it safe and imagine your vote was cast for rock ‘n’ roll. If it was, maybe you should salute those about to rock by grabbing a pair of Von Zipper sunglasses of your own.


According to Von Zipper, the… Read More

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Hollywood Rockwalk: Guitar Center Hollywood

Many of us guitar players love checking out our local Guitar Centers because we can actually plug in and play through the gear that’s on display. It’s like a safe-haven from all things not rock ‘n’ roll. Some of us, on the other hand, hate it, because Guitar Center also has a knack for being a safe haven from school for metal-head kids, and they seem to really love turning up those Line 6 Spider amps to 11 when they’re practicing their 80s… Read More

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GuitarShopTV Episode 4: Blues/Jazz Guitarist Larry Carlton

Episode Four of Guitar Shop TV is here, with an exclusive extended conversation with blues/jazz guitar legend Larry Carlton, a look at a unique hollow-body Fender, and more great vintage axes.



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Where Legends Live: The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame – Jeff Beck

Howard Kramer, curatorial director of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, shows off the fabulously beat-up Esquire guitar Jeff Beck played with The Yardbirds. Jimmy Page played it as well, when he was in The Yardbirds with Beck, as the two would sometimes trade instruments.  This guitar came to the Rock & Roll Hall Fame via Read More

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