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Exclusive Interview: Matt Schofield, British Blues Guitar Sensation

Guitar Shop TV sat down recently for an exclusive interview with British blues sensation Matt Schofield, backstage at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York… Schofield is widely regarded as one of the most distinctive and innovative guitarists to have emerged on the world scene for several generations. He is rated in the top ten British blues guitarists of all time (Guitar & Bass Magazine) putting him in the company of such iconic names as… Read More

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Gear Profile: Gretsch Duo Jet George Harrison Tribute Guitar

Joe Carducci, Product Specialist for GRETSCH GUITARS, shows us this amazing Limited Edition instrument and several other cool Gretsches.


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Guitar Lifestyle: Jamz Guitar Straps

Want to look and sound great on stage? A cool-looking guitar strap can help make a big impression! Jamz straps are designed for guitarists who want to project style and personality with their tunes, rather than wearing a cheap mass-produced black nylon strap that makes you look like a nerd. Jamz straps are handmade in the USA. Each strap starts with a durable Read More

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Guitar of the Month: The Sheryl Crow Gibson Hummingbird

The Gibson Hummingbird is one of the most iconic and recognized acoustic guitars in music history. First introduced in 1960, the Hummingbird was Gibson’s first square-shouldered dreadnought acoustic guitar, designed to compete with similar Martin acoustic guitars of the time.


The Hummingbird typically sports a spruce top with mahogany back and sides, as well as a distinctive decorative pick guard, though some vintage models in the early 1960s featured a maple back and sides, and as a result, certain modern special editions will reflect those… Read More

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Performances: Matt Schofield


British Rock/Blues sensation Matt Schofield is widely regarded as one of the most distinctive and innovative guitarists to have emerged on the world scene for several generations. Guitar Shop TV recently sat down with Matt in New York for an exclusive interview, that you can view in our “Shop Talk” section this month. Also check out this clip of one of his smokin’ hot performances…


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Guitar Shop TV Episode 6: R& B Legend Steve Cropper

Our exclusive conversation with STEVE CROPPER: legendary guitarist, composer, and producer, who talks Memphis, Stax Records, meeting Hendrix, his latest CD “Dedicated” and much more. ALSO Joe Carducci, Product Specialist for GRETSCH GUITARS, shows us the amazing Limited Edition GEORGE HARRISON “Tribute” Duo Jet and several other cool Gretsches.

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