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October Artist Showcase Finalists

Guitar Shop TV is excited to present October’s six Artist Showcase finalists. We have received thousands of submissions from great bands around the world and we think this month’s finalists are pretty special. Our October Winner will be announced early next month based on the band receiving the largest number of votes from our viewers around the world.


All you need to do to show their support for one of this month’s six finalists is to REGISTER FOR A FREE MEMBERSHIP on AND VOTE FOR YOURRead More

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GSTV Featured Artist : Johnny Cooper – Artist Showcase



Guitar Shop TV is pleased to feature Texas-based country rocker Johnny Cooper as the winner of our September Artist Showcase. Johnny began his career as a working musician while still in high school and currently the 23 year old and his band play some 200 live shows a year. Having released three self-produced albums that have lit up local charts throughout the Texas, the Johnny Cooper Band is currently positioned to break out of the… Read More

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Swedish alt rockers, Pound were formed in 2004 from the ashes the pop/rock group, Universal Puppies. It was singer/guitarist Stefan Altzar’s desire to craft a harder edged sound that led him to form Pound, which also consists of bassist Christian Larsson, drummer Samuel Granath, guitarist Janne Korpela and keyboardist Kalle Sandstrom. The band has developed a distinct style that successfully merges elements of hard rock with contemporary indie sounds. Their debut album was released in 2009 and produced by ex-TNT frontman, Tony Harnell. Currently the band is working on a… Read More

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Jaggedy Ann

It’s obviously tempting to label any driving, crunching Gibson SG powered all-girl rock band as a female version of AC/DC. But seeing as Yakima, WA-based rock vixens Jaggedy Ann’s independently released debut album was produced by Phil Rudd, drummer for the legendary Aussie rock group, you’d not be far off the mark in this case. Jaggedy Ann was formed in 2002 and are currently comprised of vocalist Gayla Dawn, lead guitarist Leona “Leo” Marie drummer Holly Nichole and bassist Claudia. Watch the ladies as they strut their stuff in this… Read More

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The Dirty Names

Any band that bills themselves as the “best Rock & Roll band next to the Rolling Stones,” obviously isn’t short on confidence. Annapolis-based rock revivalists, the Dirty Names are indeed possessed of an almighty swagger that harkens back to the glory days of Mick, Keith and the boys. But like the White Stripes, the Dirty Names provide an updated version of the ‘70s classic rock sound. Front man Harrison Cofer’s sneering, Jaggeresque tenor is underscored by the six-string stylings of lead guitarist Kit Whiticar and a rhythm section comprised of… Read More

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Fallen Stars

It’s easy to like any band that maintains a self-proclaimed belief that “salvation can be reached through a beat-up Telecaster.” California country rockers, the Fallen Stars are just such a band. The five-piece Huntington Beach outfit is built around the warm, infectious vocal harmonies of bassist Tracy Byrnes and her guitarist husband Bobbo. The duo are backed by Hammond B3 player Geoff Geib and drummer Gary O’Yeah. The Fallen Star’s laidback appeal and enthusiasm for blending elements of mid-70s rock with country and punk are all on display in this… Read More

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