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WD-Han is an infinitely likable indie-pop outfit with a hard rocking edge. Hailing from Tampa Bay FL, the band’s moniker is actually an acronym for “We don’t have a name.” WD-Han’s appeal seems to lay in this apparent unwillingness to take themselves too seriously coupled with their well-scrubbed image and radio friendly sound. The band is comprised of singer Spencer Barnes, guitarist Cal Henry, drummer Lea Campbell and bassist Chad Radle. WD-Han’s likability and musical appeal are clearly on show in this video clip of them performing, “Color of Friend”… Read More

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Chasing Disaster

Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Chasing Disaster are a band that incorporate strong songwriting along with elements of classic rock, blues, world music and indie to forge a rock sound that manages to be both retro and contemporary. The band is ably fronted by singer Cody Bond, a rock and roll front man in the classic mode who commands a powerfully smooth vocal style. Bond is backed by guitarist/pianist Yigal Cohen, drummer Michael Gatten and bassist Jon McMillan. Watch the band at their hard rocking, incendiary best in this gritty video clip… Read More

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Redlight Cinema

If there’s a criticism that can be leveled at the indie-rock genre, it’s that it’s frequently sought out as a refuge for bands that can’t play their instruments. However in the case of Brooklyn’s Redlight Cinema, nothing could be further from the truth. Singer/guitarist Kevin Andreas has a soulful, full-throated voice that’s completely free of the affectations so often heard from indie vocalists. He’s also got ripping lead guitar chops. Andreas is ably backed in Redlight Cinema by bassist Dan Parra and drummer/brother Kyle Andreas. Watch the band flexing their… Read More

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Wiser Time

Basking Ridge, NJ’s Wiser Time is a rootsy American band that plays guitar-driven, blues injected music that could be slotted seamlessly into rotation between the Black Crowes and Bad Company on any FM rock station in the country. Led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Carmen Sclafani, Wiser Time is a band that proudly sports its classic rock influence on its rolled up sleeves. Sclafani is joined in Wiser Time by guitarist Jimmy Somma, drummer Steve Decker and bassist Damon Trotta. Check the band out at their stripped down, bluesy best in this video… Read More

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Lluther are an alt-inflected hard rock band from Dublin, Ireland that formed in 2004 on the ashes of lead singer Gerry “G” Owens’ successful former band, Skindive. Along with Owen, the group is comprised of guitarist Hytham “Sandman” Martin, bassist Leon “Leon Christ” Guilfoyle, drummer Logan Firth and backup singer Aoife O’Leary. Together the group has conjured up a big, emotive, anthemic hard rock sound that resembles what U2 might have been if they’d decided to be a heavy metal band. Watch this live clip of Lluther in full flight… Read More

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The Last Look

Emotive Utah rockers the Last Look play a delightful blend of indie pop that’s easy on the ear, leaves you tapping your toe and wanting more. The band cites Minneapolis post-punkers the Replacements as one of their main influences and singer Paulie Godbout does indeed have a touch of Paul Westerburg in his warm but edgy vocal delivery. Godbout is supported by bassist Dago Marino, drummer Josh Tomlin and Allison Martin on keyboards. Witness the band in action in this clip of the Last Look performing live at Club Vegas… Read More

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