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Shop Spotlight: Rudy’s Music – New York

Rudy Pensa, the owner of Rudy’s Music, talks with Guitar Shop TV about the vintage guitar market from his new Soho store on Broome Street in downtown Manhattan. Pensa discusses the buying opportunities created by the recession and when he expects to see the vintage guitar market recover. Pensa also shows off his “new love,” a blond ash Fender Stratocaster from 1959.

Rudy’s Music has been an institution on New York’s 48th Street block of music stores since he… Read More

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GSTV Featured Artist : Darling Parade – Artist Showcase


Guitar Shop TV is excited to present December’s six Artist Showcase finalists. Our competition continues to attract thousands of submissions from great bands around the world and we think this month’s finalists represent amazing talent. Our December Winner will be announced early next month based on the band receiving the largest number of votes from our viewers around the world.


All you need to do to show their support for one of this month’s six finalists is to REGISTER and VOTE FOR YOUR BAND AT OUR “POLLRead More

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GSTV Featured Artist : WD-HAN – Artist Showcase


Our November Artist Showcase winner is WD-Han, an infinitely likable indie-pop outfit with a hard rocking edge. Hailing from Tampa Bay FL, the band’s moniker is actually an acronym for “We don’t have a name.” WD-Han’s appeal seems to lay in this apparent unwillingness to take themselves too seriously coupled with their well-scrubbed image and radio friendly sound. The band is comprised of singer Spencer Barnes, guitarist Cal Henry, drummer Lea Campbell and bassist Read More

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NYC Venues: The Mercury Lounge

The Mercury Lounge is one of the hippest and best sounding rooms on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It holds around 250 people and has a reputation for great taste—often booking very cool bands early in their careers who then go on to become hugely famous and influential. Just a few of these artists are Radiohead, 30 Seconds to Mars, Jeff Buckley, The Strokes, Interpol, The Dandy Warhols, and The Killers.… Read More

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Gear Profile: GSTV Acoustic Guitar Buyers Guide

Sign up now for a free Guitar Shop TV Membership, and get a Bonus GIFT:

GSTV’s Ebook: “Ten Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before You Buy an Acoustic Guitar.”

Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced player, or a collector, this is an essential guide to buying a great acoustic guitar.



A $20 value, this 38-page illustrated guide covers key topics including:

  • Simplifying Acoustic Guitars for Every Buyer at Every Price Point
  • How Build

Read More

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Les Paul – The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame – Where Legends Live


Guitar Shop TV recently traveled to the legendary Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to speak with VP Todd Mesek, who guided us through a fascinating exhibit on Les Paul, “The Father of the Solid Body Electric Guitar,” who made the sound of rock and roll possible.


Paul is one… Read More

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