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GSTV Featured Artist : Gruhak – Artist Showcase

Gruhak are proof that classic rock is indeed alive and well and apparently living in Dubrovnik, Croatia. A supremely talented group of rock classicists, Gruhak is fronted by versatile singer/guitarist Boris who is capable of channeling the likes of Rod Stewart, Robert Plant, and Roger Daltrey as it suits him. Boris is backed in Gruhak by the potent combination of lead guitarist Ivan, bassist Robi and drummer Luke.

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GSTV Featured Artist : Leslie Craig – Artist Showcase

Also hailing from Nashville, Leslie Craig is an infinitely charismatic country-rock singer/songwriter with a deeply pronounced soul influence. A full time working performer by the age of 17, Leslie is a local favorite in Nashville and fronts a versatile band that’s capable of matching her every turn as she veers effortlessly from rock to blues to country to soul, all in her inimitable, soaring rootsy vocal style.

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Darling Parade

Nashville, TN’s Darling Parade are a poppy alt-rock outfit that have already had a couple of their songs featured on TV shows like Stargate Universe, The Lying Game and Fly Girls. The band are fronted by singer/guitarist Kristin Hearns and also feature Adam Hatfield on guitar, Nate McCoy on bass and Casy Conrad on drums. Darling Parade has recently released a new EP entitled Until We Say It’s Over.

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Sound Drive

Sound Drive is a five-piece power pop outfit that’s comprised of lead guitarist Eddy Btesh, singer Victor Sabbagh, bassist Carlos Marin, drummer Juan Paval and keyboardist Matt Barham. Since forming in Brooklyn back in 2009, Sound Drive have successfully crafted a distinct, contemporary rock sound that still manages to pay homage to their classic rock influences like the Beatles, ELO and Cheap Trick.

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Shop Spotlight: Rudy’s Music – New York

Rudy Pensa, the owner of Rudy’s Music, talks with Guitar Shop TV about the vintage guitar market from his new Soho store on Broome Street in downtown Manhattan. Pensa discusses the buying opportunities created by the recession and when he expects to see the vintage guitar market recover. Pensa also shows off his “new love,” a blond ash Fender Stratocaster from 1959.

Rudy’s Music has been an institution on New York’s 48th Street block of music stores since he… Read More

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GSTV Featured Artist : Darling Parade – Artist Showcase


Guitar Shop TV is excited to present December’s six Artist Showcase finalists. Our competition continues to attract thousands of submissions from great bands around the world and we think this month’s finalists represent amazing talent. Our December Winner will be announced early next month based on the band receiving the largest number of votes from our viewers around the world.


All you need to do to show their support for one of this month’s six finalists is to REGISTER and VOTE FOR YOUR BAND AT OUR “POLLRead More

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