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The Brocks

The Brocks are a likable indie pop outfit from Provo Utah. The band has a catchy, keyboard-driven sound that’s not out of step with contemporary hit makers like Foster the People and the Killers. The Brocks is comprised of singer Dane Brock and his guitarist brother Grant Brock along with a rotating rhythm section that currently consists of Matt Woodland and Darrik Cheney. Get an earful of the Brock’s radio-friendly indie sound in this cool live living room video for “Tone of My Heart.”

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GSTV Featured Artist : Oogie Wawa – Artist Showcase

While some bands have a higher calling in life, there are others who just wanna party. Long Island-based Oogee Wawa fall into the latter category. This hip-hop, surf-rock, reggae combo is actually an assemblage of surfers, bartenders and other local dudes who are basically out to have a good time. But when you hear their catchy fusion of rock and surf hop, you may find yourself wanting to party right along with them. Oogee Wawa is fronted by rapper Jesse Lee and singer/guitarist J.P. Rhythm. The duo is backed by… Read More

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GSTV Artist Showcase Winner: Jahfe

Jahfe is a crowd-pleasing Miami reggae band that has opened for many of the biggest names in the business including Damian Marley, Steel Pulse and Toots and the Maytals. Jahfe is an eclectic group, comprised of heavyweight session players and fronted by Esther Fortune; a commanding reggae front-woman who,… Read More

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a Jigsaw

A Jigsaw is a Portuguese Americana group (yep, you read that correctly) that has been garnering increasing popularity across the continent. The band’s dark, eclectic blend of indie, folk, country and blues recalls the likes of Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Having toured extensively throughout their native Portugal and a dozen or so other European countries, including France, Italy, Belgium, Spain and the UK, a Jigsaw have recently recorded their third Album, Drunken Sailors & Happy Pirates. Check out this moody and artful video… Read More

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GSTV Featured Artist : Fill The Silence 1 – Artist Showcase

Fill the Silence is a modern rock band with decidedly classic roots. The band’s music is a fusion of past influences like Neil Young and Led Zeppelin with a heavy, contemporary alt rock sound. Fill the Silence is fronted by the emotive and charismatic Nate Brown on vocals. Brown is capably backed by Chris Bailey on lead guitar, Dave Swanberg on rhythm, Curtis Carver on bass and Tyrel Swezey on drums. The band are already well known in their hometown of Seattle and thanks to extensive touring that’s seen them… Read More

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Nylon Pink

Nylon Pink are an uber-hot gang of pop-punk vixens that hail from, where else – Hollywood, California. The band’s bio, which describes their vibe as being like “Hello Kitty on acid,” is pretty much right on the mark. Nylon Pink’s sexy, razor sharp visual appeal and edgy, contemporary rock sound have made the band something of an Internet sensation. They even have their own jewelry line. Nylon Pink are fronted by vocal temptress Kaila Yu who is ably backed by Katt Lee on bass, Kiki Wongo on lead guitar, Jamie… Read More

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