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Romanian quintet Vama are architects of a sweeping anthemic sound that might tempt you to compare them to Coldplay. Led by charismatic frontman Tudor Chirila, Vama have existed in various forms since 1996 and in that time they’ve become enormously popular in their home country. Get a taste of Vama’s sonic majesty in this appropriately grandiose video for “Running to the Seashore.”

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Gear Profile: Godin Guitars


Guitar Shop TV met recently with Richard Bunze of Godin Guitars to check out its exciting new line of electric and acoustic guitars for 2012, including the Godin Session Plus model, the Fifth Avenue Uptown model (nominated for best electric guitar of the year), its Icon series, and other exciting models. We also discuss Godin’s amazing work with Candaian super band Arcade FireRead More

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GSTV Featured Artist : Vintage Trouble 2 – Artist Showcase


GSTV SXSW Spotlight Band: Vintage Trouble


About a year ago Guitar Shop TV got wind of an LA club band that were tearing up the local scene with a stripped-down hard rocking soul sound and emphatic live performances that were leaving audiences across town enraptured, sweaty, and begging for more. The band was Vintage Trouble and they’ve spent much of the year since GSTV met up with them playing to sold out crowds across the Read More

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Promotional Clip: Indie Music Festival, Las Vegas 2012 – Trailer


Guitar Shop TV is excited to partner with The Annual Indie Music Fest, which will be held this year on April 27th-28th, 2012, at The Henderson Pavilion, Green Valley-Las Vegas, Nevada.


This exciting two day competition showcase is themed: “The East Coast Vs. The West Coast,” is a unique and special event, with a special element of celebration for the indie artist. The Festival will have 40 of the best unsigned indie artists selected… Read More

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March Artist Showcase Finalists


Guitar Shop TV is excited to present March’s six Artist Showcase finalists. Our competition continues to attract thousands of submissions from great bands around the world and we think this month’s finalists represent amazing talent. Our February Winner, Jahfe, received rave reviews as well the largest number of votes from our viewers ariound the world.


All you need to do to show their support for one of this month’s six finalists is to REGISTER and VOTE FOR YOUR BAND AT OUR “POLL STATION” ON THE UPPER RIGHTRead More

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Gear Profile: Fender Custom Shop – World’s Most Expensive Stratocaster!


We met with The Fender Custom Shop recently to take a look at “The World’s Most Expensive Stratocaster,” called “The Midnight Opulence” which been put up for sale in Singapore for an amazing US$90,000.


Studded with several different kinds of precious jewels, including diamonds, citrine, blue topaz, peridot and emeralds the ‘Midnight Opulence’ is a one-of-a-kind axe, hand built from scratch and designed by master builder Yuriy Shishkov. Even the guitar wires are hand-hammered of fine silver and rose gold design.

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