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Levi Riggs

Hailing from Danville, IN Levi Riggs is a country and western singer with a made-for-radio voice and an ear for writing truly authentic contemporary country tunes. Levi has been winning fans on the live touring circuit and even making waves on the radio with his current single “My Best Friend’s A Girl.” A true working class performer, Levi sells corn and soybean seed to farmers when he’s not on the road or recording for his own label, Windridge. Get a load of Levi and his band’s modern take on classic… Read More

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A Conversation with Guitar Titan Jeff Beck

Guitar titan Jeff Beck talks with Fender Vision about what drives his practicing and how he must be “the most irritating person to live with,” for whomever has to listen to it! Beck also mentions that he’s been playing a Start since 1959 and is still discovering new ways to use it and that for him it remains the perfect instrument.


Beck also shares his passion for building cars and discusses his Read More

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Jimmy Page, The Edge, Jack White: KASHMIR Chords

It Might Get Loud, the 2009 epic guitar film, is a real treat. In this incredibly cool sequence, Jimmy Page explains to fellow legend The Edge of U2, how he came up with the chord sequence from the Led Zeppelin classic “Kashmir” Based on their awed expressions, it seems that Page has put Jack White and Edge under… Read More

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Exclusive Interview: Rock/Blues Great Robert Cray

Guitar Shop TV sits down with legendary Blues Guitarist Robert Cray for an exclusive backstage conversation about his latest tour, his music, and his influences, especially Albert King… Not to be missed!


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GSTV Featured Artist : Caroline Jones – Artist Showcase


Where is the love? Well, it is right here, and her name is Caroline Jones. With an onstage temperament of a gentle soul comes sweet vocal tonality and musicality, and she is as welcoming as you could possibly hope for from an artist. While her influences – including Son House, Ella Fitzgerald, and other notables – had notably strong vocals, Caroline is also a clear contender with a robust and… Read More

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Novus Dae

Connecticut-based quartet Novus Dae are architects of a distinct hard rock sound that’s one part alt-metal and one part experimental fusion. The group has earned a regional following through extensive touring throughout New England and appearances in support of such acts as Taproot, Jet Black Stare and Three Days Grace among others. Currently Novus Dae are preparing to build on their regional success with a nationwide tour. In the meantime, check out the official video for “One Night’s Madness.”

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