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May Artist Showcase Finalists


Guitar Shop TV is excited to present May’s six Artist Showcase finalists. Our competition continues to attract thousands of submissions from great bands worldwide, and we think this month’s finalists represent amazing talent. Our April Winner, Swampdawamp, received rave reviews as well the largest number of votes from our viewers around the world.


All you need to do to show their support for one of this month’s six finalists is to REGISTER and VOTE FOR YOUR BAND AT OUR “POLL STATION” ON THE UPPER RIGHT HAND SIDERead More

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Evolove are an all guitars blazing female fronted alt-rock band from Los Angeles. The band features the formidable Lucy Levinsohn on vocals and has concocted their own distinctly catchy pop-alt-rock sound. Evolove have already enjoyed a brush with television commercial stardom when they made the top four in the national band search. The band also has completed two successful national… Read More

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The Enemies

The Enemies are an Irish rock quintet who were formed in 2003. Drawing from diverse influences that include the Beatles, John Mayer, and Steely Dan, the Enemies have forged their own unique pop-rock sound. Colin O’Donoghue, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist for the Enemies, also happens to be an actor who has appeared in the TV show The Tudors and in the hit film The Rite. Check out what Colin and his friends get up to when he’s not working his day job in this video for the Enemies’ “Perfect Stranger.”

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Tanadra are a progressive alt-metal outfit that hail from New York City. The band distills diverse influences that include Coheed & Cambria, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Muse, and Tina Turner into a distinctly soulful heavy rock sound. Singer Tanadra Roads has the emotive voice of a soul singer and that sets her well apart from the legions of cookie monster sound-alike “death growl” vocalists that usually populate heavy alt-metal bands. Get a sampling of Tanadra’s unique take on dark metal in this video for “Release You.

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Self-proclaimed innovators and soul occupants of a genre they dub as “guitarcore” Lo Nero are a hard rocking instrumental quartet from Santa Clara, CA. Guitarcore as conceived by LoNero features driving rhythms, and layers of interweaving guitar hooks layered on top of one another that together weave a sonic tapestry that incorporates elements of rock, metal, and progressive rock. See what guitarcore and LoNero are all about for yourself and check out this video for “The Hammer.”

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Apparitions are a pop metal duo from Clemson, SC that were founded on the remains of the recently demised underground rock band, This Twilight City. Apparitions was conceived as a chance for songwriters Alex Lee and Brandon Spearman to showcase a darker and more aggressive side of their music. Catch a glimpse of the band’s incendiary pop metal sound and dark lyrical vision in this video for “Burn Alive.”

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