AmpliTude Orange: Classic British Amplification Delivered Virtually

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AmpliTude Orange: Classic British Amplification Delivered Virtually

IK Multimedia brings you the legendary Orange sound in one affordable digital package


By Alex Baker


Orange amplifiers. Few amps in the history of rock and roll are so instantly recognizable. The inimitable Orange styling is matched by their distinct tube-generated warmth and retro-rock crunch. Of course Orange amps are also among the most expensive models on the market.


But now all that warmth and crunch is available in an affordable package, with the new AmpliTude Orange collection from IK Multimedia. A complete set of 17 officially-certified models, the AmpliTude Orange features models of seven amp heads, nine cabinets, and one combo.


“We work closely with the IK engineers and programmers to ensure the quality and accuracy of the sound,” explained Orange founder and CEO Cliff Cooper. “There is a lot of software out there that claim to give the Orange sound, but they don’t even come close. With IKĀ  we can sit down together and nail the Orange sound.”


Amp models in the AmpliTude Orange collection include the Tiny Terror, a 15 watt head with a two-stage preamp; the Dual Terror, which can emulate the Tiny Terror or switch to an ultra-crunchy “fat channel”; the OR 50 and OR 120 heads, which each have the unique HF drive control for increased presence and gain; the powerful Thunderbird 200 head, which can be used for either guitar or bass, and the versatile Rockverb 50 MKII. There is also a model of the AD-30TC, a Class A combo amp.


These virtual Orange cabinets can be mixed and matched with the various Orange heads, or with other amp models from the AmpliTude 3 line, to create a variety of distinct, warm and authentic-sounding rock guitar tones.


If you don’t wanna pony up for the whole package, you’ll find all the individual amp models available from the AmpliTude Custom Shop, which is integrated into the AmpliTude software and plug-ins. As with all AmpliTude amp models, the Orange collection has a “try before you buy” feature that allows you to road test the sound before busting out your credit card.


The AmpliTude Orange collection is available for $99.99 plus tax, which makes it a fraction of what it would cost you to buy an actual Orange amp. Prices for the individual models vary and can be found at the


Obviously even the best amp modeling apps are no substitute for a real living and breathing Orange amplifier. But if you’re looking for an affordable way to capture that distinct British retro tube sound, the AmpliTude Orange collection is worth checking out. It’s also a lot of fun!


Watch the video demo above or visit the AmpliTude website to find out more.

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