Amplitude Jimi Hendrix: The Coolest Guitar App of 2012?

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Amplitude Jimi Hendrix: The Coolest Guitar App of 2012?

New iPad/iPhone app models legendary Guitar God’s tone


By Alex Baker


Certainly the coolest guitar app we’ve come across this year is the Amplitude Jimi Hendrix, a new app that models Hendrix’s tone and actual amp set-up. The app was created by IK Multimedia, a company that makes some of the best apps out there for guitars, keyboards, vocals, and more.


The Amplitude Jimi Hendrix app features two historically accurate models of Hendrix’s amp setups. The JH Gold is based on the Marshall JTM that Hendrix used from about 1968 until his death in 1970. The JH Dual is modeled on a Fender Dual Showman that Hendrix also used. Each amp features its own cabinet setup.


The app features five effects: Uni-V (based on Univob Uni-vibe), Octa V (Based on the Octavia by Roger Meyer), Fuzz-age (based on Arbiter Fuzz Face), Noise Filter (from Amplitude), and Wah 46 (based on Vox V846 Wah).


There are also presets arranged in a discography format that allows you to match Jimi’s tone for specific songs and albums. You can also easily download Hendrix tracks to play along to and use features like the vocal eliminator to create a truly interactive playing experience. The Amplitude Jimi Hendrix app really does allow you to experience Hendrix‘s music like never before, from a guitarist’s point of view.


There is also a single track recorder that may be expanded to a 4 or 8 track self-contained studio with mixers and master effects.


If you didn’t get the gear you wanted under the tree this Christmas, make it up to yourself with the Amplitude Jimi Hendrix app. It costs less than $15.00 and is available here.


See the Amplitude Jimi Hendrix app for iPad in effect for yourself in the above video of Guitar World’s Paul Riario demoing the app.

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