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Alan McGee Launches New Label: 359 Music

Former Creation Records head Alan McGee launches 359 Music


Creation Records was a legendary label that introduced influential 80s/90s/00s British bands like Jesus and Mary Chain, Oasis, and Primal Scream to the world. The man behind that label was of course Alan McGee, who more recently ran the Poptones label that helped launched the careers of bands like the Hives.


After taking a hiatus from the music business, McGee has returned with his latest project, 359 Music.


This time around, McGee has taken a different approach from the club and pub trawling that led him to discover Oasis playing in an otherwise unremarkable UK venue some 20 years back. This time the Scot is inviting bands to submit their music to him via the Internet.


“The relevancy of record labels is questionable in 2013,” said McGee, speaking to Music Radar. “Gone are the days when you had to jump through hoops and try to impress a bunch of strangers to get your music heard. The Internet has created a whole new ball game.”


359 has already unveiled its first group of signings. Among them is 15-year-old Yorkshire-based singer/songwriter John Lennon McCullagh.


“The first time I saw him play live was when he was still 14, on a wet Tuesday in Rotherham. He came onstage and did a bunch of Bob Dylan covers: She Belongs to Me, It’s All Over Now Baby Blue, Masters of Way – and he nailed every single one of them. His own writing is really interesting; he’s developing really quickly, and he’s building a healthy following.



Mineral and Chris Grant are among the other acts the label has signed thus far. However as far as whether or not 359 Music will lead to the discovery of another band like Oasis, McGee remains dubious.


“Those days are gone aren’t they? With the exception of the odd thing like Adele, nobody can hope to sell massive amounts of records. Two or three thousand sales on a new artist is fairly respectable; the paradigms have changed so much. That’s a realistic and healthy target,” explains McGee. “Every now and then you might hit one out of the park that really makes an impact.”


For more information, or to submit your demo, visit 359 Music.

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