Welcome to Guitar Shop TV!

Guitar Shop TV an online TV channel focused on a global audience of over 100 million guitarists and countless guitar music fans.

The Guitar is a true equalizer, uniting people across countries, races, political beliefs, and socio-economic backgrounds. We are a passionate audience yet until now there was no single place on the web where we could all hang out together and share this passion. Guitar Shop TV is a video-driven destination where we can chat about the coolest guitar gear, watch interviews and performances by top guitarists and bands, have backstage access to the most exciting venues around the world, and share our common passion: great guitar music!

Founder Brian Lippey has a background that combines music and business, and has been playing electric blues guitar since he was 8 years old (a very long time!) Professionally, he has built a number of successful businesses in different parts of the world, including New York, London, and Hong Kong over 20 years. In Guitar Shop TV, Brian combines his passion for and knowledge of guitars with his strong business acumen. He and his team have positioned Guitar Shop TV as part of the major shift currently taking place in media viewership, from traditional broadcast television to web-delivered streaming video and online television shows. They are committed to creating and delivering top quality, entertaining, interesting programming to other passionate guitar music lovers around the world.